Decorating Safety Tips You Should Keep In Mind This Holiday Season

Once the Thanksgiving turkey is eaten and the leftovers are put away, people will be taking out the Christmas decorations to deck their halls with holiday cheer. Yet you also need to practice safe holiday decorating to prevent fires and other accidents from happening so you, your family and your home is safe during this Read More

Stay Toasty Warm and Safe: Fireplace Safety Tips

Having a fire burning in the fireplace might seem like an ideal way to keep your home warm in the winter. But, more than a third of all home fires in rural areas are a result of using a woodstove or fireplace to heat the home, according to the US Fire Administration. Protect your property Read More

How To Enjoy Trinity River Events

There are some great Trinity River Events that take place around the year. While the Trinity River and the basin extends through a variety of different towns in the state, the largest park along the river is in Dallas. This is where many different events are held, including the annual wind festival and is where Read More