Roommates Up Your Insurance Risk

Finding roommates to help lower the cost of your rent can be both emotionally and financially satisfying. But, did you know roommates might increase the cost of your insurance premium? That’s right! With added roommates, comes added liability. Insurance companies view this as a negative. However, if you omit the fact that you have a Read More

4 Questions To Ask Your Agent About Your Vacation Home

Summer has arrived, and you finally have the time to take your family away for a relaxing week at your vacation home! You pull up to the house, and a feeling of dread sets in as you notice broken windows, and vandalism to your beloved vacation getaway. Just imagine the consequences if you had not Read More

Tips For Terrific & Safe Tailgating

Attention football lovers! If you love football, you probably love spending a few hours before the game tailgating! If you put enough thought into your preparation, you can make for one memorable tailgating experience. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a blast before your next football game: Stock up on ice! If Read More

College Students: Tips To Help You Save That Green

College is all about expanding your horizons, and finding your passions. However, it is also the first time that students have had to budget their money. From tuition to utilities, there are some expenses you just can’t cut down on. But what if I told you there are a few simple tricks you can try Read More

How Many Years Of Work Does It Take To Be Able To Afford A Car? Shocking!

You’ve done it! You’ve worked hard, and can finally purchase that beautiful new car you’ve had your eye on for years! But, have you thought about how much your car is really costing you? On average, your car will cost you the equivalent of three years of work. That’s about 157 weeks! Throw in insurance Read More

Summer Camps: An Exciting Business, Especially for Insurers

Everyone has fond memories of attending summer camps as a child. Long warm nights spent in a cabin away from home, possibly for the first time. It’s even an exciting time for the parents who finally have respite from their children during the summer vacation. While running a summer camp can be rewarding and lucrative, Read More

Tips for Buying Good Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a safety net against financial loss and provides peace of mind. However, the process of setting it up can be extremely confusing. By following a few basic tips, homeowners can rest easy that they will be protected if disaster hits. Learn What it Covers Knowing what the policy covers and doesn’t cover Read More

Ways That Renters Can Minimize Their Carbon Footprint

Reducing our impact on the environment and planet is both socially conscious and necessary for the preservation of natural resources. Even though renters don’t own the building that they live in, there are still ways that they can dramatically minimize their carbon footprint. Switch to using compact fluorescent bulbs instead of older incandescent ones. Compact Read More