10 Kinds of Damage a Standard Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover

Have you spent much time searching “home insurance near me” online? You can get endless links to coverage that doesn’t fit your situation. Sometimes people get confused with the legalities, so they pick the first insurer they find online only to learn later they didn’t get the coverage they assumed. Here are ten types of Read More

Will My Backyard Features Be Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Outdoors living spaces make life at home better. During hot weather, your backyard setup can become a welcome oasis. Modern outdoor living spaces usually incorporate landscaping, outdoor structures, furniture, and even household appliances. Backyard features and structures are not only useful but also cost a significant amount of money. While homeowners insurance generally covers most Read More

Home Insurance for Texans in Grapevine, TX

What’s your motivation for buying a home and living in Grapevine, TX? For some people, it’s terrific neighborhoods and family-friendly fun. For others, proximity to excellent amenities and public infrastructure, including a major airport, does the trick. Whatever your reason is, you’ll want to hold on to your dream home for the longest time possible Read More

7 Surprising Facts about Homeowners Insurance That Aren’t Widely Known

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9 Effective Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Cost

Homeowners’ insurance can get to be expensive if you don’t know how to lower your costs. There are many ways to cut your costs without having to worry about whether or not your home is sufficiently covered. By working with your insurance agent, you can find many different ways to cut your costs while still Read More