RV Insurance

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Protect your RV with our customized insurance coverage.

Injury Liability

Bodily Injury Liability

Covers liabilities resulting from injuries or deaths incurred in an accident caused by you

Damage Liability

Property Damage Liability

Protects you if you're held liable for any accidents that lead to damage to other people's property

Medical Coverage

Medical Payment Coverage

Pays for medical expenses incurred by you or your passengers if you're involved in a crash, regardless of who is at fault


Collision Coverage

Pays for the repair costs in case your RV is damaged during an auto accident


Comprehensive Coverage

Covers your motor home if it's vandalized, stolen, or damaged by extreme weather conditions

Motorist Coverage

Uninsured/ Underinsured

Protects you if you're involved in a hit-and-run accident or the motorist responsible has inadequate insurance

Injury Coverage

Personal Injury Coverage

Compensates you for lost wages and medical expenses if you or anyone in your RV is hurt in an auto accident

Reimbursement Coverage

Rental Reimbursement

Pays for your conveyance while your motor home is being fixed, after a covered peril

Assistance Coverage

Roadside Assistance

Pays for services like towing your RV to a repair facility, changing flat tires, or fixing other issues that arise while you're on the road.

Besides the above options, you can include other coverages to your RV insurance policy, such as vacation liability coverage and personal belongings coverage.



Purchasing and maintaining a motor home requires a huge investment in terms of both time and money. While RVs seem like houses on wheels, home or auto insurance usually don’t provide adequate coverage for RVs. Whether yours is a basic motor home with few amenities or a 40-foot one with expensive fixtures, our experts at Schwab Agency will help you find a customized insurance policy that adequately protects your RV.


No one anticipates vandalism, theft, or accidents, but still, these things do happen. Therefore, carrying sufficient RV insurance in Colleyville, TX, is essential if you desire to protect your prized investment.


Are you an RV owner who is searching for “RV insurance near me” or “RV insurance in Colleyville, TX”? Well, our RV insurance experts are as passionate about motor homes as you are and will help you find an insurance policy that suits your unique needs. To learn how Schwab Agency can help you find a customized and cost-effective RV insurance that suits your needs, call our experts today!