6 Christmas Eve Traditions to Make Lasting Memories with Your Family

Christmas is a time for traditions. It’s a time to make memories and share special gifts with your family and friends. For some, Christmas day is the climax of a whirlwind holiday season. Christmas Eve, on the other hand, is the one night where families fall back together and embrace the quiet time before the Read More

Thanksgiving Day Ideas for a Fun-filled Holiday in Texas

If you’re visiting family over the Thanksgiving weekend, no matter where you live, there are plenty of things you can do when you aren’t feasting on turkey and other holiday foods. You can either go alone or take the whole family and explore as much as you can! Here are a few fun things you Read More

Insurance Checklist for the New Year Coverage Review

Having enough insurance is necessary, but how do you know if you are sufficiently covered? It’s important to conduct an insurance review every year to ensure that you always have enough coverage in place in case an emergency happens. Having insurance will not do you any good if you do not have the coverage you Read More

4 Effective Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Homeowners

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time for everyone involved. Thanksgiving is often a favorite holiday simply because of all the great foods you get to enjoy. Every family gathering is supposed to be a joyful time for everyone who attends. To keep it that way, you need to start thinking about making Read More

Protect Your Home from These Pests

Preventing common pest infestations. During the warm spring months, insects and vermin are more active.  As a homeowner, this means that your risk for infestations is higher.  To ensure that your home isn’t overrun by unwanted guests, here are some of the precautionary measures that you should take. Gnats While gnats are more annoying than Read More