Pro Tips to Take Care of Mental Health During Social Distancing

Coronavirus has changed the way we work and socialize. While staying in self-isolation and practicing social distancing helps us stay safe, they also negatively impact our mental health. Follow these health tips to keep your mind healthy during the COVID- 19 social distancing: Use Technology to Stay Connected Make the best use of your phone Read More

Can I Extend My Term Life Insurance?

What happens when your term life insurance policy expires? One of the major concerns with term life insurance is that your coverage will eventually expire.  This is why many policyholders want to know what their options are as the end of their term draws near.  Here’s what you can expect once your term life insurance Read More

Why You Should Gift Your Loved Ones Life Insurance for the Holidays

Why life insurance is the unexpected but highly-appreciated gift that you should give this holiday season. When most people think about buying gifts, they tend to focus on materialistic things like clothes, electronics, toys, and so on.  Are you looking to change things up and give a unique gift that actually shows how much you Read More

What to Consider During Your Annual Insurance Review

What to look for when reviewing your insurance. The end of the year is a great time to review and update your various insurance policies.  Updating your coverage now ensures that you are ready for whatever the new year throws your way.  Ready to conduct an insurance review but not sure what you should look Read More

Key Features for Your Life Insurance Policy

What to look for in life insurance policies. If it’s time to secure life insurance, then you may not know what you are looking for.  While your coverage needs should always take top priority, there are other features that you can benefit from having as well.  Here are some of the features you should look Read More

Common Excuses for Putting Off Life Insurance

Why people procrastinate on their life insurance. Many Americans put off getting life insurance as long as possible.  But why do they procrastinate on this essential coverage?  Here are some of the most common excuses that people make for putting off life insurance and why procrastinating is a bad idea. They are Overwhelmed by the Read More

Why Vaping Raises Your Life Insurance Rates

Why e-cigarette usage means higher life insurance costs for you. When you apply for life insurance, there are many factors that will influence your rates.  For instance, life insurers will take your habits into account when calculating your premiums.  This means something like e-cigarette usage will affect the cost of your coverage.  Here’s why vaping Read More