2022 Car Insurance Trends to Look out for

Auto insurance rates are projected to increase in 2022, partially due to an increase in costly claims and risky driving. Supply-chain disruptions and inflation have also intensified the pressure on car insurance rates. Therefore, if you’re looking for “affordable car insurance near me,” you need to do comparison shopping. Conversely, car insurance rates for electric Read More

The Basics of Classic Car Insurance: All You Need to Know

Classic car insurance is beneficial because you can tailor the policy to fit the unique needs of your prized vehicle. You’ll have access to special coverage options. The foundation of your policy is agreed value coverage. Once you have your classic vehicle appraised, you and the insurer have to agree on the value of your Read More

Insurance Coverage and Claims Related to Car Fire

Car fires can be incredibly terrifying and cause severe damage to your vehicle and any objects near the car while it is burning. For any type of fire damage to your vehicle to be covered, you will need to have a comprehensive auto insurance policy in place. Comprehensive policies are more expensive, but they cover Read More

Is It Possible to Get Car Insurance Without a Credit Check?

Most of us know how a credit score will affect our chances of getting a car loan or mortgage. What we don’t realize is how it can affect our ability to get car insurance. For people who don’t have any established credit or have poor credit, it can be difficult to get a quality insurance Read More

How Car Insurance for Married Couples Works

Shopping for car insurance is often an extensive process. There are a lot of variables that go into finding the right policy. Love is a factor. Here is a look at how getting married may impact your auto insurance rates. Research conducted by the Consumer Federation of America shows that auto insurance agencies charge lower Read More