BBQ & Grilling Safety This Summer

The summer is the perfect time to be grilling amongst friends and family. When you have a party, you want to be cautious at all times because of the heat of the grill as well as young children under foot. When you’re using the grill, have a fire extinguisher nearby and always use a grill Read More

Do I need sewage backup protection?

Most of Colleyville, Texas is situated within the 100 year flood zone. What this means to homeowners is that each year you have a 1/100 of chance of being flooded. It does not mean that every 100 years your area will be flooded. The key is that every year you could be flooded. Summer flash Read More

What's going on? Insurance Market Trends for 2013

It’s very important to have insurance, no matter where you are in Texas. The world is changing and moving fast, and business has to move with it. The trends for the insurance market show that more people are going to need coverage as the economy begins to recover and home ownership rises. Additionally, auto insurance Read More