7 Surprising Facts about Homeowners Insurance That Aren’t Widely Known

Most homeowners eventually figure out their homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t cover every type of damage to their house or its belongings. Many people don’t even bother to learn about all the pros and cons of different insurance plans because they can’t stand thinking about accidents or disasters. Nonetheless, the more you learn about insurance, the Read More

Why Do You Need Life Insurance When You’re Young?

When you are in your 20’s, the last thing you want to think about is life insurance. If you’ve already started a family, however, your future should be a top priority. Buying life insurance is the best way to ensure that you and your family are fully protected during all stages of your lifetime. With Read More

Thanksgiving Day Ideas for a Fun-filled Holiday in Texas

If you’re visiting family over the Thanksgiving weekend, no matter where you live, there are plenty of things you can do when you aren’t feasting on turkey and other holiday foods. You can either go alone or take the whole family and explore as much as you can! Here are a few fun things you Read More

Is It Wise to Take a Loan on My Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance policies are designed to provide death benefits to your loved ones after you pass away. There are a few policies, however, that will allow you to borrow against them if you have an emergency. If you are very careful about how you borrow against your policy, you will be able to use your Read More

Life Insurance with Diabetes: What to Expect

Almost anyone can get life insurance if they are willing to pay for it. It all boils down to what is known as “acceptable risk.” Different insurers assign different levels of risk to certain health conditions, including diabetes. The level of risk will normally depend on the person and any other risk factors that may Read More