Will My Backyard Features Be Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Outdoors living spaces make life at home better. During hot weather, your backyard setup can become a welcome oasis. Modern outdoor living spaces usually incorporate landscaping, outdoor structures, furniture, and even household appliances. Backyard features and structures are not only useful but also cost a significant amount of money. While homeowners insurance generally covers most Read More

Does Flood Insurance in Texas Cover Heavy Rains?

Today climate change affects people everywhere, as flooding can occur even at places with no history. There are various ways flooding can damage buildings and homes, such as when a river or lake overflows. Does flood insurance cover heavy rains? Here’s a look at flood insurance in Colleyville, TX, and what you need to consider Read More

5 Tips to Get the Best Home Insurance Policy in Texas

Buying a homeowners insurance policy is a lot like buying a new car. You will want to test drive a few before you make your final decision. Not every insurance company is the same and the homeowners’ policies they offer may differ in coverage, cost, and deductible amounts. Before you choose your policy, make sure Read More

Choosing Proper Life Insurance Through Each Phase of Life

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Home Insurance for Texans in Grapevine, TX

What’s your motivation for buying a home and living in Grapevine, TX? For some people, it’s terrific neighborhoods and family-friendly fun. For others, proximity to excellent amenities and public infrastructure, including a major airport, does the trick. Whatever your reason is, you’ll want to hold on to your dream home for the longest time possible Read More